FOX News Interviewing Detroit Reporter Who Was Fired For Using N-Word

Lauren Podell (YouTube)
Lauren Podell (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

Lauren Podell, the Detroit reporter forced to resign after she was discovered to have used the n-word, seems to have landed on her feet.

Podell recently resigned from WDIC after she was reported to have said, “I’m tired of reporting on these n**gers killing each other in Detroit.” But she is already being considered for a position at FOX News.

“I have been following Lauren’s work for some years,” said acting FOX News CEO Rupert Murdoch. “I’m sure she’ll fit right in here.”

Podell’s comments are similar to ones made by FOX New staffers. FOX commentator Bill O’Reilly once referred to Mexicans as wetbacks, and former employee John Gibson once told white people to have more babies.

FOX News channel might be looking for new talent as the station is still reeling from the fallout of the sexual harassment scandal that cost former CEO Roger Ailes his job. Former anchor Gretchen Carlson successfully sued the network and commentator Andrea Tantaros also filed a sexual harassment suit against FOX. Anchor Megyn Kelly is currently involved in a public feud with O’Reily. Kelly also claimed she was pressured to defend Ailes against sexual harassment charges.

According to CNN, O’Reilly said Kelly should she defend the company that employs her.

“If somebody is paying you a wage, you owe that person or company allegiance,” he said.

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