White Nationalists Want Trump to Limit Immigration From ‘Inferior’ African, Latin American Countries

David Duke (YouTube)
David Duke (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

White nationalists are excited about some of the picks for president-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. So far some of those picks include Steve Bannon, a white nationalist who has been accused of making anti-Semitic comments, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who belongs to an Islamophobic organization, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, who was denied a federal position by the Reagan administration because of his racist views.

However, white nationalis organizations are also looking forward to policies they propose.

“Now that these heroes are in power, they can actually carry out their policies,” said Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance. “Personally, I would like the Trump administration to limit immigration from inferior countries in Africa and Latin America and encourage more immigration from Europe.”

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan and commentator Ann Coulter have long complained about this issue. But immigrants from Nigeria, have a higher proportion of bachelor’s degrees than the average American. According to Bloomberg, two-thirds of Nigerian immigrants hold bachelor’s degrees.

According to Media Matters, white supremacists are ecstatic about Trump’s cabinet choices.

“The last three appointees of Donald Trump, the most important appointees, [Stephen] Bannon as his chief strategist. Flynn, of course, Michael Flynn as his national security adviser, top adviser, and [Jeff] Sessions as attorney general, I believe, are the first steps in taking America back,” said former KKK member and U.S. Senate candidate David Duke. “He’s appointed men who are going to start this process of taking our country back and I tell you, for the first time in years, our side is empowered, our side is enthusiastic, our side is excited, our side is hopeful, but more than hopeful, we are becoming confident.”

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