Leaked Email Claims Pence Wanted to Make Oral Sex a Felony

Mike Pence (Mark Taylor)
Mike Pence (Mark Taylor)

By Mary Washington

The Business Standard News has received leaked emailed that show vice president-elect Mike Pence has some pretty extreme views.

According to an Indiana government employee, who requested to remain anonymous, Pence wanted to pass a law that would make performing or receiving oral sex a felony.

“Pence is a hard-core Christian,” said the worker. “He wants to criminalize everything other than the missionary position.”

When Pence was governor of Indiana, he passed the Religious Freedom law that would have allowed businesses to discriminate against gays. Pence was recently challenged by the cast of “Hamilton” to uphold the rights of minorities. According to Democracy Now!, independent journalist Jeremy Scahill described Pence as a “Christian supremacist.”

“What I’m getting at is that Mike Pence is not just against gay people being together in a relationship; he wants to legislate a ban on those issues. He wants to repeal Roe v. Wade,” said Scahill. “As he said, he wants to put it in the ash heap of history. Their primary agenda, on a social level, is basically taking us back to medieval times when it comes to the rights of women, the rights of immigrants, the rights of the poor, the humanhood of all of these sort of vulnerable, targeted groups.”

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