Potential Sec. of Ed. Jerry Falwell Jr. Wants Bible As Textbook, Conversion Therapy Taught in Schools

Jerry Falwell Jr. (YouTube)
Jerry Falwell Jr. (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet has already drawn a rogue’s gallery of characters, Steve Bannon, a white nationalist; Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, an Islamaphobe; and Sen. Jeff Sessions, a racist. However, according to Right Wing Watch, Jerry Falwell Jr., son of the noted televangelist, has been tapped to be secretary of education.

The Associated Press reported that Falwell had met with Trump in New York to talk about the position.

In an interview with the Patriot Media Sentinel, Falwell outlined some of his plans.

“If the Lord allows me to be secretary of education, I’ll make sure I put God back in the classroom,” said Falwell. “We’ll also make the Bible a textbook and make sure school counselors are taught conversion therapy, in case children fall under the control of gay demons.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Falwell holds many non-scientific views.

“Liberty, under Falwell’s direction, has promoted views from opposition to LGBT rights to Creationism to climate change denialism. Its code of conduct—which puts a tight leash on free expression, women’s fashion, and students’ conduct in their personal time—would be a troubling example for schools nationwide,” said Right Wing Watch.

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