Bolling Says Trump Can’t Be Racist Because He Has Black Friends

Eric Bolling
Eric Bolling

By Hamish Balfour

FOX News commentator Eric Bolling has come to the defense of President-elect Donald Trump, who has been accused of mainstreaming white nationalism. However, Bolling said this was a false idea promoted by the liberal media.

“The cultural elite is constantly trying to divide America by playing up these so-called racial divisions,” said Bolling on “The Five.” “I don’t see how Trump has encouraged white nationalists. Look how many black friends he has? Would he have them around if he was racist?”

However, Trump’s election has been followed by about 900 incidents of racial and religious intolerance, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. During his campaign, Trump demonized undocumented immigrants and Muslims. In addition, a group of neo nazis, lead by alt-right leader Richard Spencer, recently held a conference in Washington, D.C., where they shouted “Hail, Trump!” and made nazi salutes.

But FOX News commentator Bill O’Reilly agreed with Bolling. According to Media Matters, O’Reilly blamed the liberal press for playing up stories of white nationalism.

“The liberal press furious that Donald Trump won the election, so now they are putting out absurd storylines designed to denigrate those who voted for Mr. Trump. The top one is that somehow the white power movement is gaining momentum in the U.S.A., because of Trump,” said O’Reilly.

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