White Nationalist Wants Trump to Establish Affirmative Action Programs for White Men

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)
Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

By Michael Hoult

Brian Blanc, president of the white nationalist group, the National White Alliance, wants President-elect Donald Trump to establish affirmative action programs for white men to make up for losses that occurred under President Barack Obama.

“White men have stagnated under Obama, while other groups progressed,” said Blanc in a press release. “Look at the people Obama appointed? He named two women to the Supreme Court and two black attorney generals. Even the head of NASA is a black man.”

Blanc may have a point. Trump did well with the white working class who felt he could bring back jobs and “make America great again.”

Blanc’s views are shared by Steve Bannon, former CEO of the alt right/white nationalist site Breitbart. Bannon has been named as Trump’s chief strategist. During an interview with Trump on “The Breitbart Daily” radio show, Bannon claimed that there were too many Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley.

Bannon claimed two-thirds of the CEOs in Silicon Valley were Asian, but that number is incorrect. According to PBS, 60 percent of Silicon Valley tech companies are headed by white men.

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