Jones: Trump Deserves NAACP Award, Will Be Great Civil Rights President

Alex Jones (YouTube)
Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Beverly Gates

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says President-elect Donald Trump deserves a NAACP image award for reaching out to black voters and developing a plan to save poor, black neighborhoods.

“Trump has reached out to black voters and given them hope,” said Jones on his show “Infowars.” “He probably won about 50 percent of the black vote, but Obama had that information suppressed. He will be a great civil rights president.”

Jones recently defended the armed man who fired a shot at the Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant that was falsely accused of being tied to a fictitious Hillary Clinton-led child sex ring. The story was generated by a fake new site, but still passed on by many Republicans, including Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor.

In reality, Trump won 13 percent of black male voters, which was a greater share than Republican candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain.

Also, Trump ran a divisive campaign that was marked by the demonization of minority groups such as Muslims and Latinos. Trump branded illegal immigrants “drug dealers” and “rapists” and called for a ban on Muslim immigration. He also appealed to white supremacist groups. Stormfront, a white nationalist web site, attributed Trump’s comments to an increase in their website traffic.

However, Republicans, still insist there is nothing racist about Trump.

Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany defended him during a recent appearance on CNN. She said calling Trump a racist and xenophobe had “no basis in the truth.”

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