Alt-right Leader Claims Whites Invented Rap, Black People Stole it

Richard Spenser (YouTube)
Richard Spencer (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, has made another questionable claim about an art form allegedly created by white people.

In a radio interview with WEHW, Spencer claimed that white people invented rap, not blacks.

“Rap music is based on the chanting of Celtic druids and the sea shanties recited by sailors,” said Spencer, who is a big supporter of President-elect Donald Trump. “The liberal media have tried to attribute it to the blacks. Eminem is merely reclaiming music his people invented.”

However, rap music is more likely based on griots, African storytellers who recited historical events accompanied by music.

This is not the first time Spencer, who wants to create an all-white ethnostate, has made questionable claims. During a contentious interview with Newsone’s Roland Martin, he claimed white people built the pyramids.

Spencer recently held a speech at Texas A&M which was attended by several protesters, according to Raw Story.

“This is our (white people) goddamn country,” said Spencer, who traded insults with protesters during the event.

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