Robertson Wants Trump to Purge ‘Gay Mafia’ From Positions of Power

Pat Robertson (YouTube)

By Breanna Marcos

Televangelist Pat Robertson wants President-elect Donald Trump to go after the gay mafia that has infiltrated the top-levels of politics and the media.

“When Trump is president I hope he uses the full power of the U.S. government to purge members of the gay mafia from positions of authority,” said Robertson, during the Christian Broadcasting Network show “The 700 Club.”

Robertson also accused the gay mafia of putting out propaganda to “pervert the minds of children.” Robertson isn’t the only person who believes that a secret cadre of gays are in positions of influence.

According to Right Wing Watch, Scott Lively, a pastor who spurred anti-gay legislation in Uganda, said gays have even infiltrated Republican organizations.

“Both the liberal and GOP-aligned ‘conservative’ media are ignoring the LGBT factor as if it had no effect. Why? Because, in my view, the ‘gays’ have infiltrated Fox, Brietbart and other otherwise conservative media and are actively shielding the ‘gay’ movement from negative attention,” said Lively in a column for the website Barbwire.
“They are quietly protecting the social justice narrative regarding the LGBT agenda and shifting all focus to the fiscal issues, immigration and abortion, with the willing cooperation of the Republican Party.”

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