Right-Wing Conspiracy Sites Brand Washington Post, NYT As ‘Fake News’

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Jose Echeverria

World Net Daily (WND,) a right-wing conspiracy site, has launched a broadside against the Washington Post and the New York Times, accusing them of being biased and “producing fake news.”

“The Post and the Times merely regurgitate government propaganda about the economy improving and the unemployment rate going down,” said WND founder Joseph Farah in a recent editorial. “But those numbers are fake.” World Net Daily was a leading source of birther stories.

Apparently, WND, like the majority of Trump supporters, believes that President Barack Obama hasn’t improved the economy, even though he cut the unemployment rate in half during his tenure.

Several right-wing media sources have accused mainstream media outlets of spreading fake news.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who believes the government is putting chemicals in orange juice that turn men gay, accused the New York Times of spreading fake news about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. However, much of that information was presented to former writer Judith Miller by the George W. Bush administration to support the runup to the war. Miller has since been discredited as a journalist.

Also, Breitbart falsely accused the Guardian of spreading fake news because it said illegal immigration from Mexico has dropped, but that turned out to be factual.

“According to Border Patrol data the number of apprehensions on the Mexican border – a barometer for border crossings – averaged 523,000 a year in the 1970s, 999,000 in the 1980s, 1.26m in the 1990s and 1m in the 2000s. The most recent apprehension numbers: 463,382 (2010), 340,252 (2011), 364,768 (2012), 420,780 (2013), 486,651 (2014), 337,117 (2015),” said the Guardian.

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