Graham: Rise of ISIS is Punishment for Gay Marriage

Franklin Graham

By Breanna Marcos

Evangelist Franklin Graham has blamed gay marriage for the rise of ISIS, according to WEHW radio.

“Gay marriage is an affront to God. God sees marriage as a union between a man and woman. Once a country loses the favor of God things like ISIS happen,” said Graham. “I hope once Trump, who was ordained by God, takes power, he cracks down on the advances made by the homosexuals.”

Graham isn’t the only evangelical who has recently expressed anti-gay sentiments. Black Republican Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson recently blamed the LGBT movement for America’s demise, according to Right Wing Watch.

“So we need to realize that once you give evil power by letting it have its way, it will destroy you. It will destroy you personally, it will destroy your family, it will destroy your community and your country, and that’s what it’s been doing especially in the last eight years,” said Peterson on Rob Schilling’s radio show. “It’s just been out of control, to a point that they are pushing men and women that are confused about their identities to go into whatever bathroom of choice. That’s not even common sense, you know that has to be evil.”

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