Jones: Obamas to Divorce After They Leave WH So Barack Can Be Gay, Michelle Live As Man

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

Alex Jones has come forward with yet another outlandish conspiracy theory about the First Family. During an appearance on “Infowars,” he claimed that the Obamas were going to separate as soon as they leave the White House.

“I have sources in the Secret Service who have told me that once they are out of the White House, Barack Obama will feel free to live a gay lifestyle,” said Jones. “And Michelle will transition back to being a man. That’s the reason why the Obamas are moving to the Palm Springs area, it has a large gay population.”

One of the many rumors around the First Family is President Obama is secretly gay, and Michelle Obama was born a man. According to to Media Matters, Monica Crowley, a former FOX News commentator who was recently appointed to a position with President-elect Donald Trump’s national security team, once promoted the conspiracy theory that Obama was pretending to be black to boost his political career.

“According to this genealogy — and again, because I haven’t done the research, I can’t verify this — but according to this guy Kenneth Lamb, Barack Obama is not black African, he is Arab African.” said Crowley on “The Laura Ingraham Show.” “And yet, this guy is campaigning as black and painting anybody who dares to criticize him as a racist. I mean, that is — it is the biggest con I think I’ve ever seen.”

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