Bolling: Putin Should Address Congress So American Can See a ‘Strong, Christian Leader’

Vladimir Putin (Wikimedia Commons)

By H. Peter Johnson

FOX News commentator Eric Bolling has said he would like to see Russian leader Vladimir Putin be allowed to address Congress.

“That way American voters can see a strong, Christian leader who knows how to fight terrorism,” said Bolling on his “The Five.” Republicans have previously invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress.

Bolling is not the only FOX News personality to sing Putin’s praises. Judge Jeanine Pirro recently lauded Putin, a former intelligence officer, by saying “at least he’s a Christian.”

Both statements are not too subtle jabs at President Barack Obama, who many on the right still think is a “secret Muslim.”

However, Putin is an autocrat who has poisoned and jailed his enemies and killed more than 50 local journalists. According to the New York Times , several of Putin’s opponents have met violent deaths. One of them was Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB officer, who died in London of radiation poisoning.

“The government is using the special services to liquidate its enemies,” said Gennadi V. Gudkov, a former member of Parliament and one-time lieutenant colonel in the KGB. “It was not just Litvinenko, but many others we don’t know about, classified as accidents or maybe semi-accidents.”

But Putin is still admired by some Republicans, according to Politico. Even though both the FBI and CIA have accused Russian hackers of helping swing the election to President-elect Donald Trump, a YouGov survey showed that 37 percent of GOP voters had a positive view of Putin. Only 17 percent of Republicans had a positive view of Obama.

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  • Not in his lifetime should Putin EVER……… allowed to address Congress. No way No how. Damn you Donald Trump. Damn the people who admire this killer.