White Nationalist: Nothing Racist About Saying Michelle Obama Should ‘Live in Africa With the Apes’

Donald Trump and Carl Palladino (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

White nationalists are defending Trump campaign official Carl Paladino, who has come under fire for making racist comments about first lady Michelle Obama.

Palladino, a former candidate for New York governor and currently a member of the Buffalo, N.Y. school board, has been widely criticized for an email he sent. In the email, he said he wanted Michelle Obama to return to being a man and be sent back to Africa to live with the apes.

However, Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance, says Palladino is a victim of political correctness.

“Everyone is so sensitive nowadays,” said Blanc in a press release. “He was just expressing his opinion, I don’t think there was anything racist there. It’s not as if he used the n-word or called her a mud person.”

However, Paladino was also defended by WNYC, a local NPR affiliate, according to Raw Story.

“… protesters demanding Paladino step down for what they say are racist comments,” said the station.

But Palladino, who was confronted by racist emails during his failed gubernatorial run, continues to be in hot water.

On Thursday, school board President Barbara Seals Nevergold called on Palladino to resign. The decision was also supported by other board members in a 6-2 vote.

Palladino has also been condemned by the Trump campaign and his own son.

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