Prosperity Gospel Preacher Paula White Says Prayer Enabled Her To Give Invocation at WH

Paula White (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Prosperity gospel preacher and Trump confidante Paula White has called his election a sign of the power of God. White has been asked to give the invocation at Trump’s inauguration.

“Several years ago ago I was under a Senate investigation and now I have been called to give the prayer in front of the White House,” said White in a press release. “That shows the power of Prayer. God can turn your life around.”

White is not alone in her belief that Trump was ordained by God. Trump has also been backed by leading Evangelicals such as Pat Robertson and Jim Bakker.

During an appearance on “The Steve Deace Show,” Christian activist Bob Vander Plaats claimed Trump won the White House due to a “last-minute interference” from God.

“What happened was, I really believe God intervened, the people of the church mobilized and because of that Trump was able to win,” said Vander Plaats, according to Right Wing Watch.

However, not all Christians are fans of White, who is on her third marriage, said Raw Story. According to a 2007 Tampa Tribune report, White owns several multi-million homes and her church, New Destiny Christian Center, takes in $80,000 a week.

“Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe,” said Russell Moore, of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, according to Raw Story.

Paula Bolyard, a blogger for PJ Media, was equally scathing.

“Paula White has a long history of bankruptcies, failed business ventures, and unsuccessful marriages, which makes her the perfect choice to deliver a prayer on behalf a president-elect who has proudly proclaimed that he’s never felt the need to ask forgiveness from God for anything,” said Bolyard.

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