Graham: Obama Brought a Curse on America, Trump Can Remove It

Franklin Graham (Cornstalker)

By Hamish Balfour

Franklin Graham, son of legendary preacher Billy Graham, has again heaped praise on President-elect Donald Trump. Like many Evangelicals, Graham believes Trump was ordained by God.

“Trump’s victory means that God has answered our prayers and ended the long nightmare of the Obama administration, and its anti-Christian, secular progressive agenda,” said Graham in an interview with the Patriot Media Sentinel. “Obama’s policies have angered God and brought a curse on the nation.”

Trump received about 80 percent of white Evangelical votes, according to the Religion News Service. Apparently, several other Evangelicals share Franklin’s views.

In a Charisma magazine article titled “10 Ways Donald Trump Could Try to Reverse the Curse Obama Put on America,” Michael Snyder implied that Obama had caused the United States to lose God’s favor because he went against Israel.

“In the coming days, the new Trump administration should immediately start taking steps to reverse the curse we are under as a result of what Obama has done,” said Snyder. “Perhaps if Donald Trump takes strong enough steps to try to undo his predecessor’s actions, instead of being cursed, we can once again return to being blessed.”

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  • meria

    religion makes people insane. Now we have an American Taliban moving into office.