Leaked Email Shows FOX News Looking for New Talent in Playboy, Fashion Shows

Kimberly Guilfoyle (YouTube)

By Beverly Gates

A leaked email to the Business Standard News indicates that FOX News is desperate to stem the flow of female talent walking out the door and recruit some new pretty faces.

Chad Wyatt, a FOX News executive, mused about recruiting new on-air talent straight from the runway and even the soft-core porn world.

“Look, the girls don’t have to be smart,” said Wyatt in an email. “All they have to do is read a teleprompter. We did it with Megyn Kelly. How hard can it be to do it again? Maybe we could retrain a Playboy model?”

“80-year-old men aren’t tuning into our female personalities because they’re smart,” Wyatt added. “They watch them because they haven’t figured out you can get free porn on the Internet.”

Kelly, who once did a lingerie shoot for GQ, recently jumped ship for NBC News, much to the anger of right wingers, who accused her of being a traitor, according to Raw Story. Gretchen Carlson has already left the network after receiving a $20 million settlement for being sexually harassed by former CEO Roger Ailes. FOX anchor Greta Van Susteren is supposed to be negotiating a deal with MSNBC and former commentator Andrea Tantaros is also currently embroiled in a sexual harassment lawsuit with the network.

FOX News is already considering replacements for Kelly and the other women who have left. According to Mediaite, Van Susteren has suggested FOX News commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle as a replacement for Kelly. Guilfoyle is a former model who once did work for Victoria’s Secret.

“It would be a big plus to Fox evening line up – they need someone like @kimguilfoyle – viewers and colleagues love her,” said Van Susteren in a post on Twitter.

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