Trump: I’ve Done More for My Country Than John Lewis

Rep. John Lewis (Cary Bass)

By Piper Blackmun

President-elect Donald Trump has sparked yet another media storm by attacking civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.

Trump took offense to Lewis’ comments made in a “Meet the Press” interview. Lewis called Trump an illegitimate president and said he would boycott the inauguration.

The notoriously thin-skinned Trump had to strike back.

“John Lewis is being unpatriotic,” he said in a press release. “I’ve done more for my country than him. I’ve created thousands of jobs.”

Lewis was a key figure in the civil rights movement. He had his skull fractured by state troopers during the infamous “Bloody Sunday” march in Selma, Ala. in 1965.

Trump also continued to attack Lewis on Twitter. He lambasted Lewis’ district, which is in downtown Atlanta, Ga., as being “crime ridden.”

However, Census data shows Georgia’s 5th district has an average income of $48,000. Eighty-seven percent of the residents are high school graduates and 40 percent are college graduates, according to the Hill.

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