Jones: Reptilians Spread ‘Fake’ Russian Story So Obama Could Declare Himself Emperor

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has dismissed allegations that the Russian government and FBI Director James Comey conspired to tilt the 2016 presidential eletion to Republican Donald Trump.

Jones called all rumors about Trump’s election victory “fake news.”

“This is a sophisticated false-flag operation spread by the Reptilian shape shifters and their Democratic allies,” said Jones on “Infowars.” “The Reptilians created these rumors to give Obama an excuse to cancel the election and serve a third term. He wanted to declare himself emperor.”

Jones isn’t the only Republican who believed that President Barack Obama would not step down at the end of his term. Stories about Obama’s third term were common among right-wing conspiracy theorists, according to Right Wing Watch.

Fundamentalist radio show host Rick Wiles once called Obama “the anti-Christ” and suggested he would declare himself a God after his 2013 trip to Jerusalem.

“Mr. Obama will travel to Jerusalem next month. I think it will be interesting to see if he enters Jerusalem on the same day Jesus entered the city prior to Passover,” said Wiles. “Now here’s a crazy thought, I’m not suggesting that it’s going to happen; I’m just saying it’s kind of a crazy thought. Suppose that Mr. Obama enters the Temple and declares himself as God?”

However, even though Trump is scheduled to be inaugurated on Friday a cloud hangs over his presidency. Intelligence agencies claim they have evidence of Russian involvement. And several government agencies are currently looking into payments from the Russian government sent to the Trump campaign.

Currently, more than 50 Democrats are boycotting the inauguration. Rep. Elijah Cummings says this is with good reason.

“You’ve got to understand that members of Congress have a lot of information that the public does not have,” said Cummings in a CNN interview. “And I can tell you over the last week or two, the classified briefings that I have been to, and if the public knew what members of Congress know…”

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