Buchanan, Duke Praise Trump for Halting Decline of White People

Pat Buchanan (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult

Former White House speechwriter Pat Buchanan is singing the praises of President Donald Trump.

“Trump represents a victory for European Americans, whose fortunes have been declining in the past few decades,” said Buchanan in an interview with The Patriot Media Sentinel. “I think he’s doing a fantastic job and will go on to be a great president, like Ronald Reagan.”

It’s not surprising that Buchanan, a notorious white supremacist who has railed against black and brown immigration for the last 30 years, supports Trump. Buchanan has blamed immigration from Latin American countries for bringing down test scores.

Trump’s policies, which include a crackdown on undocumented immigrants and a ban on refugees and Muslims (later overruled by the courts,) have drawn praise from other white nationalists.

Former klansmen David Duke lauded Trump in a series of tweets.

He said Trump would “return dignity to the white working class,” according to the Daily Beast.

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