Right Wingers Call Trump’s Trainwreck Press Conference ‘Masterful,’ ‘Effective’

Donald Trump (Michael Vadon)

By Rondell Pettus

The rest of the country is still reeling in shock from President Donald Trump’s rambling 77-minute long press conference Thursday, but not right wingers. Republicans seem to think Trump’s press conference, in which he lied repeatedly, used poor grammar and gave contradictory statements, was great. According to Media Matters, FOX News commentator Eric Bolling called the press conference “awesome to watch” and Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit, tweeted it was “the best presser ever.”

National White Alliance President Brian Blanc called Trump’s performance “masterful.”

“It was a masterful performance of a strong, white man going toe-to-toe with the liberal media,” said Blanc in a press release. “We never saw that with Barack Obama.”

Appearing on Bill Maher’s “Real Time,” former Rep. Jack Kingston said Trump’s performance was great and his supporters liked that he was “taunting” the media.

Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh also praised Trump’s press conference, according to Mediaite.

He said it was “effective in rallying his voters, effective in rallying his supporters, ’cause they needed it.”

President Trump responded with a tweet.

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