Bakker Accuses ‘Satanic’ Media of Trying to Bring Down ‘Godly’ Trump

Jim Bakker

By Beverly Gates

Televangelist Jim Bakker has sided with President Donald Trump in his “war” with the media. During a combative press conference, Trump labeled the media “the enemy of the American people.” However, Bakker sees something more sinister at work.

“Donald Trump is a man who was installed by God,” said Bakker on his television show. “If the media is actively attacking him, that must mean they are against God and are with Satan.”

Many other Evangelical Christians see any form of criticism of Trump as a battle between good and evil. End Times radio show host Rick Wiles claimed a “Luciferian” plot involving Hillary Clinton was behind the ouster of Trump’s former National Security Advisor Lt-Gen. Michael Flynn.

“Many of the key officials, elected and appointed, and in corporate board rooms and in Hollywood and in New York City, they are part of a global child molestation ring,” said Wiles, according to Right Wing Watch.

He also said Clinton is “relishing in the fact that they brought down General Flynn because he knows what they are and what they’re doing.”

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