National White Alliance Accuses ‘Get Out’ Movie Of Being Anti White

A scene from “Get Out” (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

The National White Alliance has criticized Jordan Peele’s horror movie “Get Out.” The movie follows a black man who goes to meet his white girlfriend’s parents and encounters mind control and racism. “Get Out” currently has a 100 percent positive rating from film critics on Rotten Tomatoes. But according to National White Alliance President Brian Blanc, the film features unrealistic portrayals of evil white people.

“I know liberal Hollywood will love this movie, but ‘Get Out’ is anti white in my opinion,” said Blanc in a press release. “The kind of racism portrayed in this movie does not exist.”

According to Mic, several other reviewers of the movie also accused it of being racist against white people.

“I don’t care if this actually an entertaining movie or not I find it atrocious that anyone can support such outright racism. It’s blatantly pushing a racist stereotype agenda against white people. But no you can’t be racist against white people we’re ‘too privileged’ I’ve heard as an excuse …” said a reviewer called “Keith%20”

But even though Blanc downplays racism, the Trump presidency has spurred an increase in overt racism and a rise in the popularity of hate groups. In Missouri Jewish headstones were desecrated at a graveyard and in Kansas, Adam W. Purinton, a white man, shot dead an Indian man after demanding to see his visa.

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