Jones Claims Obama Using ‘CIA Mind Control’ to Undermine Trump

Alex Jones (Brent Humphreys/Esquire)

By Rondell Pettus

President Donald Trump’s new strategy is to lay the blame for all of his ills at the feet of his predecessor President Barack Obama. Trump set off another firestorm this weekend when he accused Obama of wiretapping phones at Trump Tower. However, he offered no concrete proof of this.

But Trump is being backed by his rabid fans in the right-wing media.

Conservative radio show host Mark Levin, who kicked started the wiretap story, condemned Obama’s abusive practices in an email to CNNMoney.

“It was investigating the campaign of a presidential candidate of an opposing party during the course of the campaign. Its use of FISA, loosening of NSA distribution requirements, husbanding and protecting information at the behest of White House staff on the way out the door, and recent leaks of confidential and perhaps classified information is extraordinary,” he wrote.

According to Media Matters, Levin has a history of making outlandish and racist comments such as accusing illegal immigrants of bringing down test scores. He has also accused Obama of planting the seeds for World War III.

Many other Republican media figures have accused Obama loyalists in the White House and CIA of undermining the Trump administration. However, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones thinks Obama has unleashed some of the CIA’s most secret weapons against Trump.

“I have intelligence sources that say Obama loyalists in the CIA are using a team of government-created telepaths to command the media to go after Trump,” he said. “They’re also behind of all the alleged protesters at the Republican town halls. That’s coordinated telepathy.”

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