Robertson: Prayer Warriors Are Shielding Trump From Hackers

Pat Robertson

By Alan Gordon

President Donald Trump has caught a lot of flak for his lax security. He’s still using an unsecured Android phone and his frequent trips to Mar-a-Lago are said to be a spy’s paradise. But televangelist and Trump supporter Pat Robertson said Trump is under divine protection.

“There are thousands of Christians across the country praying for Trump’s protection,” said Robertson on “The 700 Club.” “Prayer warriors are shielding Trump from any form of malicious hacking.”

Several Evangelicals have proclaimed that Trump was put into the White House by divine authority. According to Right Wing Watch, Frank Amedia, a pastor who served on Trump’s Christian policy liaison team, believes Trump was tipped off about alleged wiretapping by the Lord. Last week, Trump set off a media storm when he accused President Barack Obama of bugging Trump Towers.

However, he provided no evidence to back up this claim and also missed the deadline to provide evidence to the House Intelligence Panel.

“Two weeks before the inauguration, the Lord showed me the vision three times of bugging. I saw the vision of a ghost-like figure running around the White House and putting pins in things. It came three nights in a row at three o’clock in the morning. I said, ‘What is it?’ He said, ‘They’re bugs.’ I said, ‘Bugs?’ ‘Yes.’” said Amendia. “The bugging that was discovered, this was revealed through POTUS Shield two weeks before the inauguration. And the Vice President was made aware of it. And then one week after the inauguration, the president’s office received it along with the CIA, and they’ve received two of them. There’s a third one yet that needs to be discovered and uncovered. This was on POTUS Shield before it happened.”

POTUS Shield is a group of evangelicals who are praying for the First Family’s safety.

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