Savage Warns of Coming BLM-Led ‘Black Terrorism’

Michael Savage (WND)

By Breanna Marcos

Conservative radio show host Michael Savage has warned of a wave of coming attacks from “black terrorists.”

“The Trump administration needs to monitor black terrorist groups such as Black Lives Matter, who are collaborating with ISIS,” said Savage on his show “The Savage Nation.” “The rise of Trump has made the blacks switch their attention from killing each other to killing white people.”

His comments are similar to statements made by white supremacist Rep. Steve King who claimed blacks and Latinos would never become a majority in the country because they would rather fight each other. Savage also pointed the finger at the hip hop community.

“I expect we will see more anti-white songs from the hip hoppers,” said Savage.

President Donald Trump is currently involved in a Twitter feud with rapper Snoop Dogg whose latest video features him shooting a Trump-like figure.

However, Savage isn’t the only right winger who’s convinced that Black Lives Matter is a violent group. According to VICE, Lauren Southern, a Canadian alt-right media figure, claimed BLM has caused more deaths in the last 30 years than the KKK.

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