World Net Daily Founder Claims Obama Wants to Return To Power, Admires African Dictator

President Barack Obama

By Jamal Whiteman

World Net Daily Founder Joseph Farah claims former President Barack Obama is secretly plotting to come back to power. World Net Daily is a far-right conspiracy site famous for promoting birther stories.

According to Farah, Obama has dictatorial traits because of his African heritage.

“Obama wants to be like his hero Robert Mugabe, an African dictator who has been in power for more than 30 years,” said Farah in an interview with WEHW radio. “Obama plans to use his friends in the media and intelligence to spread fake news stories about the Trump administration’s failings. Then he will use that to seize power and declare himself president for life.”

Conservatives are convinced that Obama’s nefarious powers are far and wide. According to Media Matters, FOX News host Sean Hannity accused the former president of doing drugs and collaborating with Hawaiian U.S. District Judge Theodore Chang to sink President Donald Trump’s amended Muslim ban.

“By the way, this judge who issued the travel ban ruling is an Obama law school classmate. Maybe he should have recused himself from the case. Just a maybe. Were they best friends in Hawaii, were they part of the Choom Gang, smoking pot and hanging out?” said Hannity on his radio show.

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