Jones: Obama, Reptilians Have Smeared My Good Name

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has blamed his recent rash of bad publicity on a nefarious alliance between shape-shifting reptilian aliens and former President Barack Obama.

Jones is currently involved in a custody battle with his ex-wife. During the court case, embarrassing details have come out about Jones’ life. According to Raw Story, he regularly took off his clothes during family therapy sessions and once blamed forgetting details of his children’s lives on a “bowl of chili.” His lawyer also claimed that Jones was a performance artist and all of his outlandish behavior was an act.

But Jones said he has been subject to a smear campaign by Obama and the aliens. Jones has previously accused Obama of smelling of sulfur and not being the real father of his daughters.

“Both of them want to destroy me,” said Jones in an interview the Patriot Media Sentinel. “I have constantly tried to expose their plans to take over the world. So they want to destroy my good name.”

However, “Luther,” a man who claimed to be a reptilian, contacted the Business Standard News to deny Jones’ accusation.

“That motherf***er’s crazy,” said Luther. “We had nothing to do with that. Alex Jones does a great job of ruining his own reputation.”

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