FOX News Insider: Network Barred Black Men From Being Alone With White Women

Roger Ailes (YouTube)

The Business Standard News has received another piece of damning information from a FOX News insider.

According to “Chad,” a FOX News worker, employees were told not to let white female employees be left alone with the few black male employees who were on staff.

“Apparently the top brass were scared some of the black men might get a little too friendly with the white women,” said Chad in an email. “They couldn’t stand the idea of interracial relationships, but were quick to cover up the bad behavior of FOX News’ white male stars.”

Gabriel Sherman, a reporter with New York magazine who has closely followed FOX News’ scandals, also reported nine black employees are currently suing the network for racial discrimination. He said black employees were subject to humiliating requests.

“According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, (Judy) Slater demanded that black employees hold ‘arm wrestling matches’ with white female employees in her office, just down the hall from Ailes’s office on the 2nd floor of Fox headquarters. ‘Forcing a black woman employee to ‘fight’ for the amusement and pleasure of her white superiors is horrifying. This highly offensive and humiliating act is reminiscent of Jim Crow era battle royals,’ the letter says, referring to the practice of paying black men to fight blindfolded at carnivals for white spectators’ entertainment,” wrote Sherman.

The network is still reeling from a sex scandal which exploded last year when former anchor Gretchen Carlson went public with claims she was sexually harassed by former CEO Roger Ailes and other on-air personalities. Ailes was fired, but walked away with a $40 million payout. But the scandal didn’t stop there, last week Bill O’Reilly was fired for multiple incidents of sexual harassment. He got a $25 million severance package.

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