FOX News Employees Rated Megyn Kelly Most Likely to Have Sex With a Black Guy

Megyn Kelly (YouTube)

By Beverly Gates

The Business Standard News continues to receive scandalous news about the behavior of FOX News’ male employees.

According to a leaked email received from FOX News insider “Chip,” male employees created a secret invitation-only Facebook group where they discussed female hosts breast size and sexuality. Megyn Kelly, who recently jumped from FOX to NBC, topped the list of female employees who were most likely to have engaged in interracial sex.

One poster said, “Megyn Kelly is hot, but she’s a total bitch, look at the way she treated Donald Trump? I bet she’s seen some black dick in her past.”

This is not the first report of FOX News employees using the Internet to sexually harass women. Former commentator Andrea Tantaros, who is engaged in a legal battle with FOX News, accused the network of cyberstalking her. This included hacking her personal electronic devices and using personal information against her. According to Salon, former CEO Roger Ailes maintained a series of “sock puppets.” These are websites or social media accounts he secretly controlled. One of them, Girls of FOX, was infamous for explicit comments about female employees.

“While the site occasionally made forays into media criticism — two November 2006 posts attacked the liberal nonprofit group Media Matters — the vast majority of the content on Girls of Fox News consisted of frequently misspelled reactions to unintentionally suggestive screenshots, and videos of Fox News Channel employees crossing their legs or appearing to make kissing gestures,” said Salon writer Matthew Sheffield.

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