Trump Claims Andrew Jackson Could Have Solved Civil Rights Problems

Donald Trump (A. Shaker/VOA)

By Jamal Whiteman

President Donald Trump has made another curious statement which mangles American history. Trump again cited his hero President Andrew Jackson. During a White House press conference, he said Jackson would have solved the Civil Rights problem. (President Lyndon Johnson was president during much of the Civil Rights movement.)

“If Jackson had been president during the Civil Rights movement, the whole thing would have ended quicker,” said Trump. “There would have been no marches, no hosing, no assassinations. None of that.”

Trump has recently gone through a purple patch of eye-brow raising statements. He also claimed Jackson would have prevented the Civil War, even though he died in 1845, 16 years before the war started.

However, Trump’s praise of Jackson, a slave owner and notorious hater of Native Americans, has drawn applause from white supremacists, according to Media Matters.

“Additionally, Trump’s repeated praise for Jackson has drawn support of white nationalist media figures who are similarly drawn to Jackson. White nationalist websites like The Daily Stormer have praised Jackson for kicking Native Americans off their land, writing, ‘They were killing kids, raping and killing women – it was a horrorshow (sic) with these tree-monkeys (sic)’ The white nationalist website Infostormer called Jackson ‘a legitimate bad ass,’ writing, ‘He fought in duels, won the Battle of New Orleans and abolished the Second Bank of the United States,’ which Jackson had said was an elitist institution that lacked proper oversight.” said Media Matters writer Julie Alderman.

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