Eric Bolling, Right-Wing Media Launch Racist Attacks Against Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters

By Mary Washington

FOX News commentator Eric Bolling has launched yet another racist attack against Rep. Maxine Waters. Waters was attacked by several right-wing sites after she presented an award at the MTV TV and Movie awards.

Bolling’s attacks delved into several offensive racial stereotypes.

“I’m surprised she didn’t walk on stage with a dope chain, smoking a blunt and talk about killing whitey on her new rap CD,” said Bolling during an appearance on “The Five.”

Bolling has a history of making racial slurs. He once criticized President Barack Obama for hosting “hoods in the hizzy,” and once suggested Walters “put down the crack pipe.”

Walters was also slurred by former FOX anchor Bill O’Reilly who said her hair looked like James Brown. The other comments about Walters on other right-wing sites were equally offensive. According to Media Matters, YouTube personality Mark Dice ran a picture of Brown while criticizing Walters. Red State called her “the dumbest person in Washington” and alt-right site Gateway Pundit called her “an idiot leftist.”

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