Female FOX News Executive Advised Women to Wear Thongs

Andrea Tantaros

By Michael Hoult

FOX News has already purged its ranks of men who tolerated its sexist and racist atmosphere. Former CEO Roger Ailes, executive Bill Shine and anchor Bill O’Reilly have all been shown the door.

Media analysts say the Murdochs are considering promoting executive Suzanne Scott to a top-level post to show the network is woman friendly. However, according to Mediaite, Scott, who was a deputy to Shine, doesn’t exactly have a clean record.

New Yorker writer Gabriel Sherman, who has done extensive reporting on the sexual harassment scandal, said Scott was responsible for the policy that made women wear short skirts. (Women were also banned from wearing pants.)

The Business Standard News also received an email from FOX News insider “Chip” who claimed Scott advised women to wear thongs. Chip’s email said Scott remarked “Flashing men would be good for women’s careers.”

While he was in power, Ailes hired Laurie Luhn, a booker with a high-paid job whose main role was to be his sex slave and recruit other women for sexual liaisons. He also often asked Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros to turn around so he could look at their figures.

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