White House Insider Says Trump Wants to Hire FOX Anchor ‘Because She’s Hot’

Kimberly Guilfoyle (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

The Business Standard News now has a source inside the White House. A Trump administration insider has reached out to provide inside information about the tumultuous events at 1600 Pennsylvania. The source who goes by “Orange Throat,” said President Donald Trump is furious at press secretary Sean Spicer and is considering replacing him with Kimberly Guilfoyle, a FOX News anchor.

“The main reason why Trump wants to hire her is because she is hot and looks good on camera,” said Orange Throat. “Trump thinks if the horny, old racists who support see Guilfoyle on TV every night, his ratings will turn around.”

Guilfoyle is a former Victoria’s Secret model.

Orange Throat is one of many White House leakers. According to media reports, White House insiders have revealed Trump is often clueless about things such as how to pronounce foreign leaders’ names and spends most of his time eating junk food and watching cable TV. Trump has also asked intelligence officers to reduce their reports to one page and use lots of maps. Even then, he only reads reports which have his name in them.


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