Carlson: Shoving Montenegro PM Shows Trump’s In Charge

President Donald Trump shoves the Montenegro prime minister out of the way. (YouTube)

By Marina Troy

President Donald Trump has returned from overseas trips to the Middle East and Europe which were widely branded a PR nightmare. In Saudi Arabia, Trump curtsied to the Saudi King, instead of bowing. And in Europe, he shoved the Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in an attempt to get to the front of a picture of leaders. ‘

Naturally, the right-wing media is still defending Trump. FOX News commentator Tucker Carlson backed Trump.

“Trump pushing the prime of Montenegro shows he is willing to put America first,” said Carlson on his FOX News show. “It’s a sign that if people get in our way, they’ll be pushed aside.”

According to Right Wing Watch, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, a religious activist, also praised Trump’s recent behavior. During his online show, Daubenmire said Trump shoving the prime minister of Montenegro showed he was “large and in charge.”

“He’s walking in authority. He walked to the front and center and they all know it, too, man. He just spanked them all,” said Daubenmire.

Daubenmire also praised Greg Gianforte, the winner of a Montana congressional seat, who was charged with assaulting Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs.

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