Peterson: Thank God We Have A White Man Back In Charge

Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)

By Rondell Pettus

Conservative commentator Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has predicted President Donald Trump will have a successful stint as chief of state, simply because he is white.

“I’m so thankful Trump is president and we have a white man back in charge,” said Peterson on his radio show. “When Obama was president there was a black cloud over the country. Black people simply can’t run a country. It’s like a curse.”

Peterson seems to be referring to an old racist belief that black people suffer from “the curse of Ham.” He isn’t the only black conservative to share these views. Pastor David James Manning posted a sermon on YouTube, where he claimed that “black people couldn’t do anything.” He also said Egypt wasn’t in Africa.

According to Right Wing Watch, Peterson recently praised Trump’s uncouth behavior during his recent European trip.

“He goes overseas and those little weak ones try to get in front of him during a photo shoot, he pushed them out of the way,” said Peterson. “White power. White power! I’m loving it. I love good. I love the light and it doesn’t matter the color of the person that the light is coming from, I love it. I rejoice when I see men and women stand up with the love of God operating through them, overcoming evil.”

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  • Coons and simps like Rev. Peterson and Manning are what’s wrong with the black community. They have sold their own people down the creek for white approval and a seat at the White Male Privilige Table.
    They are jokes and clowns floundering in their shit circuses. Why can’t any sane and rational person see that Trump is a disgrace as president? Mr. Obama was the greatest thing to happen to this country since MLK,Jr.