Jones: London Bombing Carried Out By ‘Light-Skinned Black Panthers,’ Funded By George Soros

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Billy Dane

America’s favorite conspiracy theorist Alex Jones sees nefarious government schemes everywhere, even the recent London terrorist attack. The attack has been linked to the terrorist group ISIS, but Jones pointed the finger at billionaire investor George Soros, a frequent right-wing bogeyman.

“The attack was a false flag secretly carried out by light-skinned members of the Black Panthers who were paid by Soros,” said Jones on his radio show “Info Wars.” “Soros wants left-winger Jeremy Corbyn to win the race for prime minister. He wants to make it seem as if Theresa May is doing a bad job on security.”

Britain holds parliamentary elections on Thursday. May, a member of the right-wing Conservative Party, looked to be walking away with the election, but Corbyn, a member of the Labour Party, has recently gained on her.

Before May became prime minister, she was Home secretary where she oversaw cuts to the police force. Corbyn has said terrorism is fueled by Britain’s bombing of Syria and Iraq.

“Some 68 percent of Tory voters agreed foreign wars have enhanced the risks of terrorism at home. So did 80 per cent of Labour supporters and 79 percent of people that voted for the Liberal Democrats in 2015,” said the Independent.

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