Buchanan: White People Need to Have More Babies to Stop Muslim Takeover

Pat Buchanan (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Arch conservative and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan has again urged white Americans to have more babies.

In a recent syndicated column, Buchanan said white Americans needed to maintain their majority because their children’s lives might depend on it.

“It is critical European Americans maintain our majority in the United States or we could end up becoming like Europe, where they have a terrorist attack every other week,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan has been warning about the browning of America for several decades. However, Muslims currently make up less than 2 percent of the population. Also, several news reports have stated white domestic terrorists are a greater threat than Islamic terrorists.

But Buchanan’s fear mongering message is shared by other conservatives. Right Wing Watch reported Ann Cochran, head of Refugee Resettlement Watch, an anti-refugee group, recently warned against letting too many Muslims into the country.

“It only requires a percentage of somewhere around 10 percent to start pushing for all sorts of Sharia compliance by the general public,” she said in an interview with the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios. “And the way things are going, and the fear most Europeans have of speaking up about this—or even Americans have, to some degree, to less degree perhaps than the Europeans—they’re just going to be able to shove Sharia law down our throats as time goes on just because people are too fearful to speak up. And I always tell conservative young women, you’d better have babies.”

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