Eric Bolling Blames Comey’s Damning Testimony on Obama

Eric Bolling (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman
FOX News commentator Eric Bolling has laid the blame for former FBI Director James Comey’s damning testimony against President Donald Trump at the feet of conservatives favorite scapegoat: Barack Obama.

Bolling said Comey was part of the “deep state” and “Obama’s boy.”

“Before Obama left, he activated a lot of hidden landmines, and Comey was one of them,” said Bolling. “Obama wants Trump to fail and he’s doing everything in his power to make that happen.”

The right-wing media has relentlessly attacked Comey since he testified in front of the Senate.

Some pundits even questioned his sexuality, according to Media Matters. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter’s said “Comey swallows.” While CNN commentator Amy Holmes said Comey sounded effeminate.

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