Jones: Megyn Kelly is Hot, But She’s An ‘Egg-Laying Reptilian’

Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones

By Michael Hoult

Former FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly is just into the second episode of her NBC show and she is already neck-deep in a scandal. Kelly’s show plans to interview America’s preeminent conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the resulting PR scandal has already led to some companies dropping their ads.

Parents of children killed during the Sandy Hook shooting have expressed their anger at the interview because Jones claimed the shooting was a false flag operation staged by the government.

According to Media Matters, Kelly’s decision to interview Jones is a cynical attempt to boost her poorly-rated show.

Kelly also went on Jones’ show “InfoWars” to promote the interview. And Jones’ couldn’t resist making inappropriate comments. He described her as “hot” and also wondered if he should put her over his knee. He also said he wanted Kelly to oil wrestle Kathy Griffin.

But later Jones seemed to turn on Kelly.

“Megyn might be hot, but deep down I can never totally trust her because I know she’s an egg-laying, rat-eating reptilian alien,” said Jones on his show. “That’s why she went after Trump.”

He also called her “not feminine,” “robotic” and part of the New World Order.

Jones also believes the world is secretly controlled by a cabal of shape-shifting reptilian aliens.

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