National White Alliance: Christianity is Too ‘Jewy,’ Black

Thor (YouTube)

By Jamal Whiteman

The National White Alliance has urged other white nationalists to abandon Christianity and embrace pagan European religions such as Odinism.

“Personally we feel that Christianity is too jewy and panders to the coloreds,” said National White Alliance President Brian Blanc. “I’m encouraging other white people to look into worshiping cool, manly gods like Thor.”

“Reveal,” a publication of the Center for Investigative Reporting, recently featured a story about Odinism becoming more popular among white supremacists.

“Today’s racist Odinists say it is the only pure religion for white people, one not ‘mongrelized’ by the Jewish prophet Jesus. They see themselves as warriors, ready to reclaim America for the white race and fight against a white genocide, driven by Jews, that has left the greatest country on Earth in tatters,” said Will Carless.

White nationalist figure Richard Spencer recently attacked Christianity. He criticized the Southern Baptist Convention for passing a resolution condemning white supremacy.

However, it took a few days to approve the resolution after Rev. William McKissic, a black pastor, suggested the group take a stand against it.

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