Savage Calls on Right-Wing Militia To ‘Take Out’ Liberals

Michael Savage (WND)

By Alan Gordon

Right-wing radio show host Michael Savage has joined several other members of the conservative media in blaming the recent shooting of several Republican congressmen on the left.

In fact, Savage called on right-wing militia, such as the Oath Keepers, to take out “left-wing traitors” before they do further damage.

“The left are traitorous, commie scum who are allied with Russia, not Trump who is trying to fight against the Russians,” said Savage on his show “The Savage Nation.”

According to Media Matters, Savage, who is Jewish, recently cited a map from American Renaissance, a white nationalist organization, to claim Trump supporters have faced “200 acts of violence” since he declared his candidacy.

In other news, end times preacher Rick Wiles called for the entire left-wing to be abolished, according to Right Wing Watch.

“Quite frankly, the Democratic Party should be disbanded as a violent, seditious political movement,” said Wiles

Wiles also went after the “liberal media.”

“Rachel Maddow ought to be taken off the air right now,” he said. “MSNBC should be shut down.”

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  • Linden Frank

    F#ck you Michael…I’ve hated your ass and your hatred for awhile…Now I’m on the other side…I wouldn’t WASTE a bullet on your POND SCUM…but here’s a poem that says it all…When You’re Fighting Fire with Fire

    When you’re fighting fire with fire…there’s no turning back.

    You’ve entered a zone where the weak at heart, they lack.

    Yes you’ve sunk to their level. There’s no bringing them up to yours.

    Just fight fair and beware you may get caught in their cross hairs.

    Don’t flinch or lose hope. There’s always an end to a fight.

    Someone has to win even if by might.

    So it might as well be you. All bets are called off.

    Cuz your fighting a righteous fight even the Christian may scoff.

    Even Jesus cleared out a temple and he did with a whip.

    But some how Jesus being aggressive is not cool or hip.

    Just hold your head up high and believe this.

    Sometimes we can’t all live in bliss. 2017