Franklin Graham: God Sent Trump to Stop Sharia Law

Franklin Graham (Cornstalker)

By Hamish Balfour

Franklin Graham, son of famous preacher Billy Graham, has again thanked God for sending Donald Trump. In an interview with the Patriot Media Sentinel, Graham said if Hillary Clinton had become president Sharia law would have been passed.

“God so loved us Christians he sent us Donald Trump to protect us from Sharia law,” said Graham.

In spite of being a thrice-married casino owner, who couldn’t quote the Bible accurately, Trump drew overwhelming support from Evangelical Christians.

According to Right Wing Watch, preacher Lance Wallnau claimed he could pray away Trump’s looming impeachment.

“Tapes, obstruction of justice, impeach; we cut off every word, in Jesus name! Tapes, dissolve away. Obstruction of justice, melt away. Impeachment, bye bye, in Jesus name,” said Wallnau.

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