WH Leaker: Trump Considering Bombing N. Korea ‘Because He Saw It on FOX’

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

By Mary Washington

The Business Standard News has received another leak from White House insider “Orange Throat.”

The email again revealed Trump’s lack of knowledge about world affairs and his reliance on the right-wing media.

“Just after he got back from his disastrous trip to Europe, one of his aides said he was going to catch flak for shoving the prime minister of Montenegro,” said Orange Throat. “He thought Montenegro was in South America. Today, he said bombing North Korea would be a good idea, ‘because the guy on FOX talked about it.’”

Trump is referring to a comment made by FOX News personality Eric Bolling, who suggested we launch a preemptive strike against North Korea.

“Thirty minutes is the lead time between firing that missile in North Korea and Los Angeles,” said Bolling on the FOX News show “The Specialists.” “Are you willing to risk Los Angeles?”

However, both Trump and Bolling, who has no military experience, both fail to realize that North Korean missiles can hit the South Korean capital and thousands of American troops stationed there in less than an hour.

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