Baio: CNN is Faker Than the Boobs in Hollywood

Scott Baio (YouTube)

By Marina Troy

Has been actor Scott Baio has launched a broadside against CNN calling it “fake news.”

“CNN is faker than the boobs in Hollywood,” said Baio in an interview with World Net Daily. “I rely on unbiased media like FOX News and Breitbart.”

However, a 2012 study by Fairleigh Dickinson University showed that regular watchers of FOX News actually knew less about current affairs than people who didn’t watch any news. Breitbart has been described by White House adviser Steve Bannon as the home of the alt-right (white nationalists.) The site also features a “black crime section” and Muslim-bashing stories.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets have recently become a punching bag for conservatives. President Donald Trump bashed the news media during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich also labeled CNN a “propaganda network,” according to Mediaite.

“When Harvard reports that a network is 93 percent negative, they are not a news network,” said Gingrich in an interview on “FOX News.” “They are an attack network. These people find excuses, talking points to attack Donald Trump all day, every day. The new president of France kicked two networks out because he said they were propaganda networks. I regard CNN as a propaganda network.”

In a related story, a group of Trump supporters recently gathered in front of CNN headquarters in Atlanta to stage a protest accusing the network of promoting “fake news.”

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