Peterson: Obama Scared White People Into Getting Hooked on Drugs

Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Right-wing commentator Rev. Jesse Lee Paterson has found something else to blame on former President Barack Obama: the opioid epidemic.

In an interview with WEHW radio, Peterson said Obama’s disastrous policies caused many white people to turn to drugs.

“Obama created so much chaos and havoc that it caused a lot of white people to freak out and turn to drugs,” said Peterson. “He was a black man in a position that was normally meant for white men. That was too much for many of them to handle.”

Peterson isn’t the only right-winger to have a ludicrous theory for the opioid crisis ravaging the Mid-West. Brian Kilmeade, one of the hosts of “FOX and Friends,” suggested building a wall on the Mexican would solve the opioid drug crisis.

“What do you think the wall would do to stop this opioid crisis. Of course, there’s no quick fix. But this would fix a lot,” said Kilmeade, in an interview with Printus LeBlanc.

However, users of opioid drugs like Oxycontin, were given the drugs by doctors. The drugs were also manufactured legally by pharmaceutical companies, not smuggled across the Mexican border. Some states and cities have filed lawsuits against pharma companies who they accuse of dumping prescription drugs in their communities.

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