Robertson: Reagan Ended the Cold War, Trump Will End War on Terror

Pat Robertson (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

Pat Robertson predicts President Donald Trump will be as successful as conservative icon President Ronald Reagan.

“Trump has been in office for about six months and he has already seen tremendous success,” said Robertson on “The 700 Club.” “Reagan ended the Cold War, and I predict Trump will end the War on Terror.”

Robertson is not alone in his deluded enthusiasm for Trump. Eric Trump appeared on FOX News in a softball interview with Maria Baritromo and bragged about his father’s accomplishments.

“He’s been in office 150-something days, and I think he has accomplished more than any president arguably in history has over that same period of time,” said Eric Trump.

He also claimed Obamacare was failing and called the head of the DNC a “nut job.” But Trump has yet to pass any major legislation and hundreds of federal positions remain unfilled.

Ivanka Trump, a special adviser to the president, recently gave her father an A rating.

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