Savage: Limp-Wristed Media Can’t Handle Trump’s Masculinity

Michael Savage (Wiki Media Commons)

By Marina Troy

While most of sane America was horrified by President Donald Trump’s latest tweet, which shows him literally body-slamming CNN, some Republicans are cheering him on.

According to right-wing commentator Michael Savage, the press is attacking Trump because they don’t know how to deal with his “masculine energy.”

“Look, most of the fake media are limp-wristed, latte-drinking fags,” said Savage on his show, “The Savage Nation.” “The reason why they’re trying to destroy Trump is they’re jealous of testosterone levels. They don’t know how to handle an alpha male.”

Savage was fired from MSNBC for insulting a gay caller.

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson also praised Trump’s take-no-prisoners attitude in a World Net Daily column. He urged Trump to keep tweeting.

Peterson also said, “I love the example that President Trump sets for America. Finally, there’s a real man in office! He breaks the culture that kills masculinity and distorts truth. He shows tough love with no fear. Americans have not seen such a man in so long that many do not recognize it.”

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  • Dino Vassilakos

    I bring your attention to the Bohemian Grove the summertime retreat of the repthuglicunt elite, as Nixon confided in the Watergate tapes the gayest thing he ever saw but a must attend gathering if you want to advance in the party. On the menu get naked sword fights and Pedo hunts, so where is the macho masculinity you were referencing repfaglicunt?