Bolling: Trump Could Be the Most Significant President in 50 Years

Eric Bolling (YouTube)

By Rondell Pettus

While President Donald Trump continues to embarrass the country every time he opens his mouth, he still has a staunch supporter in FOX News commentator Eric Bolling.

Trump gave a bizarre speech in Poland where he dropped a lot of alt-right buzzwords, and disparaged U.S. intelligence agencies, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He also allowed his daughter Ivanka, an unelected official, to stand in for him during a meeting G-20 leaders. But Bolling is still singing his praises.

“I think Trump’s Poland speech was outstanding,” said Bolling on FOX. “He’s going to be the most significant president in the last 50 years.”

Trump also maintains strong support from Evangelical Christians, who have high hopes for the thrice-married former casino owner.

During a recent meeting of the Religious Right, Arthur Goldberg, a convicted fraudster and former operator of a gay conversion therapy program, predicted Trump would return America to its “Christian greatness.”

“America is undergoing a populist revolt against an entrenched elitist ideology within the media, academia, and our politics. Donald Trump’s election tapped into these resentments. One of the objects of this grievance is ‘the aggressive secularization and repression of the culture of faith as the moral anchor of society and the individual,” said Goldberg according to Right Wing Watch. “The populist revolt in America seeks to restore people’s natural affinity with their Creator and to live by values inherent in the Judeo-Christian worldview. …”

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