Hannity Says Trump Has ‘Restored America to Greatness’

Sean Hannity

By Michael Hoult

Fans of President Donald Trump continue to live in an alternate reality, where up is down and black is white. Trump fans have proclaimed his latest disastrous foreign trip a resounding success.

After Trump returned from the G20 meeting, where he dozed off and had his daughter, Ivanka, sit in for him, FOX News commentator Sean Hannity declared Trump has restored “America’s international reputation to its former greatness.”

“When Trump goes abroad, the rest of the world sees a strong, powerful, articulate leader who doesn’t bow to anyone,” said Hannity on his radio show. “America is back under Trump.”

Carter Page, a former Trump aide, also sang his praises on CNN.

“It (the G20 trip) was one of the greatest moments in U.S. diplomatic history,” said Page.

However, former Russia Today anchor Alyona Minkovski pushed back against Page’s claims. She said Trump had been a disappointment.

“And that’s another thing where people they can no longer depend on the United States to be consistent because of President Donald Trump,” said Minkovski.

Australian reporter Chris Uhlmann released a scathing video that has gone viral. He said Trump was “uneasy and lonely” at the G20 summit and has “no capacity to lead the world.”

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